Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Welcome to my new blog!
We're in transformation, and we don't know just what that means...but we know it will be better.
My wishes to all for dear friends, loving family, warm and cozy home and gardens that nourish the soul.
They will endure.
Joyous hope for what's to come.
And patience.
I was crazy enough to be one of the few million who witnessed the Inauguration a few weeks ago...and I'm so glad I went...cold, my back ached from standing for so long in a 12 inch space, and I honestly don't think Obama saw me in the crowd. Shame.
But energy was high, reverence was in the air.

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  1. Would U Be Glad That Obama Is President After He Makes It A Law That Any Doctor Asked To Obort A Child Has To. Even A Baptist Doctor That Was Once A Preacher. And It Would Be A Crime That The Preacher/ Doctor Does Not Do So, Even Thoe The Doctors Opion Is Against It. What Would You Do.