Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Images of Spring!

Nick is digging me out. The view out my window is of splendid white icing on the earth. But it's cold! It helps to think of the colors of spring, which will be here soon (wishfully thought).

Tulip at left is Sun Spot...a mid-season double with long-lasting bloom that I discovered last year. It's a variable two alike.

This is my first blog entry, and it's a learning process. I'll get this figured out and add to it regularly, to remind friends and client-friends of the beauty of nature and it's possiblilites for us!

I'm an amateur photographer with a camera that takes great macros. I'll have many images and things horticultural to share, and hope you'll share yours with me. Click on any to enlarge for a bold shot of color. (Remember to hit the back button to get back here.)

Exotic Emperor, a double viridiflora tulip.

Tulipa Temple's Favourite...Tall, large-cupped, late. Elegant.

Iris Bucharica...this little iris is quite rare. It's petals develop a paper-like quality as they mature. Midseason.

The simplicity of Tulips Ivory Floradale (with a bit of red dusting
if you look closely) and Orange Queen. Mid-season Darwins.

And the wow of Parrot Tulip Professor Von Roentgen. Late season.


Emerged! This is Tulipa Monsella, an early-blooming double and a beauty.

Orange Princess. Purple feathering!

A diminutive species tulip, Titty's Star

Bulbs in the landscape...


Tulips don't come back reliably, so we replant each fall
(actually, we plant into winter) and fertilize with Bulbtone.
That's by far the best. We fertilize in summer, after bulbs die back, too.

Properly placed, the season is long.

There are early, mid and late varieties. The trick is to blend them
into a border to create a month or more of color. It's like painting
with invisible don't see the paint til spring.

When planting, more is definitely more.

Daffodils come back reliably, as do Dwarf Iris, Crocus, Galanthus,

Anemone and a host of other really cool bulbs.

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