Monday, August 24, 2009

More in the Warehouse

267 625 4002,
or Open House Sept. 12 and 13, 10 til 5.
1406 East Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor PA 19038

Prices at wholesale and below.

Help, please as we sadly close Look East. These photos are a sampling of what's in store. Only available to top designers and fine stores til now.
See posting below for full details.

In the Warehouse

Posted here are photos of Look East's warehouse. A significant collection of art and craft and antiquity from Southeast Asia.

Read post below...we're closing Look East, selling to businesses and to the public. If you appreciate this aesthetic, then it behooves you to get to the warehouse asap where we're offering these treasures at wholesale and well below. This is quite the collection.

Please contact us if you'd like to stop by, or plan to visit on
Sept 12, 13, 10 til 5.
1406 East Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor PA 19038
267 625 4002

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Treasures to Go

It's with enormous sadness that, after 6 years, I am dissolving Look East: traders in Asian style. I no longer have someone to manage, travel, sell and I haven't the time, given landscape responsibilities, to do it myself. AND, it takes a special talent that I haven't got! (though I was an exceptional traveler to the East and a world-class shopper!!)

Most of you haven't had the tour of the warehouse. We'd been selling business to impressive roster of interior and landscape designers, architects, the finest garden shops and nurseries, home furnishings stores, restaurants and other corporate entities. Up and down the East Coast and in Dallas. We did not sell directly to the public but you may have seen pieces from our collection at your favorite shops or featured in design publications. A few of you, friends of the landscape business, have stopped by.

You can't begin to imagine, if you haven't visited, the array of amazing treasures, old and new, from Burma, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Viet Nam. Things you don't find anywhere, except perhaps similar in the most sophisticated design mags and books. Search Architectural Digest (keywords "Asian Style" for example) to see how these pieces enhance whatever your personal style may be.

So...we're opening the warehouse for a public sale, prices greatly reduced to move them out. 50 - 80% off retail and on larger sales, we'll deal. Please help us do that!! Be prepared to drop your jaw when you do. The warehouse is a museum of indigenous art and craft from that part of the world...each piece embued with the gentle spirit of its maker and the culture.

Ceramics, teak architectural elements, statuary, textiles and wearables, fine art, water features, candles, bronzes, musical instruments, furniture, and more. For indoor and outdoor living. If you've been looking for a Buddha image that speaks blessings to you for your home or garden, you'll likely find it here. View our photo album for a sampling of what's in store.

I'll be posting more on this blog site about the event and about particular pieces and how they're made, and also will send notes to all on our list with particulars. In the meantime, if you'd like to stop by beforehand, call and we'll make the time!

I mean it...4400 square feet stuffed with extraordinary, spirit-enhancing objects, and I need your help to give them all good homes!!! Help!!!
Please share this link with your friends so we can get the word out.

Mark your calendar...
Sept 12 and 13, 10 a.m. til 5 pm. Other times by appointment. 1406 East Mermaid Lane, Wyndmoor PA 19038
267 625 4002

Blessings to all, hope your summer is a delight.