Friday, March 13, 2009

Hummingbird Hits Window

Years ago, while planting beneath a large window, on a very lovely property, on a peaceful day, a sudden thump broke the peace and a hummingbird dropped to the ground right next to me. I cradled the little thing in my palm...thinking it was dying...and called the crew over to see a stilled hummingbird. In perhaps ten minutes the bird suddenly took flight. It's a snapshot in time that I won't forget.

Thinking often since about all the birds who fly into windowpanes who aren't as fortunate as that little guy, I've wondered what would suit both bird safety and human eye. Some folks attach netting to the exterior window. There are many fairly unimaginatve decals on the market that helpfully interrupt reflections of trees and sky.

I recently came across a resource for delightful ones.

Sweet Nothing offers a number of designs, each available in dozens of colors, your choice. (I suppose that bright reds, blues, oranges and yellows should be avoided, since those are the colors that attract hummingbirds.) Some of them can be combined to create a window mural. The decals are suited to any smooth surface.

Sweet Nothing will also accommodate your custom design. Vinyl decals are shipped with instructions.

The image at the top of this entry is of the elements of four snails, before assembly. Below are a few interior applications.

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