Monday, March 30, 2009

Children of Autumn

From crew mate Mark Arnosky...

Seeds of Fire
Dripping Down
Falling with Grace
Plunk, Plop, Patter
Resting their beds
green or brown or multicolored

Seeds of Fire
Sinking in
Disappearing in earnest
Down, Down, Down
Fire banked in loam
green or brown or red

Seeds of Fire
Coals now
Waiting, quiet anticipation
Listening, feeling, saving
for the right moment
It's almost upon them

Coals of fire
Time has ripened
strain, push, Break
reach, Drive

Coals of Quiet Fire
ignited by rain
showing their Beauty
up up up
spreading arms wider
All green All new

Unstoppable Green Fire
Dancing Wider, Higher
competition intense
striving for the canopy
winners gain the light
losers receive dark shadows
the latter a placing none wants

A Fire Reborn
Wholly Majestic
Radiating pure strength
Prepared to give
Their children to Autumn
When their Hair
Turns to yellow tipped red
When the Cold Wind Blows
When the Soft Bed Calls.

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