Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello Again!

My goodness, I've really neglected this blog project! Since last post, the import business sold. Two of my sons and I traveled through England and Dubai and the landscape season started immediately thereafter, so much damage from the outlandish winter to contend with before moving forward with new projects.

It's been a glorious spring so far...and didn't we all deserve it! We're in the last stages of the bulb season. Here are just a few images of variably colored Tulip varieties on clients' properties this year:

I'm a sucker for Tulips!

This variety, "Sun Lover" has been my personal favorite for the past several years. Recently, while at work in the vicinity of a mass planting, a toddler toddled by, nose at level of the bloom (which was about the size of her head, these tulips are HUGE), and sniffed. She exclaimed "pretty smell!" and indeed, "Sun Power" is not only stunning to behold in all its yellow to orange to red and everything-in-between splendor...but fragrant, too.

In a few weeks we'll have an Open House to move on many orphan plants from our nursery...perennials, shrubs, a few trees. Plus some gently nicked items from the import collection...planters, architectural elements, all sorts of intriguing things from Burma, Thailand and the area. Of course, prices will be righteous! We need the space. We'll be sending emails to those of you on the list and will post more here about the event.

Meantime, if you're in search of a plant, woody or herbaceous, that you can't seem to find, give a buzz and perhaps we'll locate for you!

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